Quick Look at Root Locus with mouse entered poles and zeros.

Cuthbert Nyack
Applet shows the root locus of a system with poles and zeros entered by clicking the mouse.

Changing the status of the check boxes as shown on the applet determines whether a real pole, real zero, cc pole or cc zero are added.

eg with both boxes checked, click the mouse on point (-2, 2).
This places a pair of cc poles at -2 ± j2.
With the first box checked and the second unchecked, click on the point (-1, 0), this places a real pole at -1.
With both boxes unchecked, click on the point (-3, 0), this places a real zero at -3.

Increasing K by clicking on the horizontal magenta line changes K and shows the closed loop poles(unity feedback loop) for the displayed value of K.

When the applet stops responding to mouse clicks then the applet must be reset by reloading the page.

The gif image shows how the applet should when 4 poles at -1, -3, -2 ± j2 and 3 zeros at -5, -3 ± j6 are entered.
Image below shows the closed loop poles of the above wnen K = 1.0. The closed loop poles are at the new starting points of the loci.

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