Lag, Lead and LagLead Compensator Comparison

Cuthbert Nyack
In the applet, the Horizontal range is from 10-3 to 105 rad/s and the vertical from -150dB to 90dB, -1.5p to +0.5p. The system transfer function is Gs(s) = Kv/(s(T1s + 1)(T2s + 1)).

The applet below show the step response and bode plot and can be confusing at first sight, but by focussing on one compensator at a time, it becomes easier to follow.

The applet below show the ramp response and bode plot. Ramp response is shown up to time Tf set on the applet. Ramp error is shown with same color as corresponding ramp response and uses scale ±4.

Gif images below show how the applets should appear.

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