Quick look at Bode Plot.

Cuthbert Nyack
Applet provides a quick way to see Bode plots. Magnitude is in red and phase in green.

Lag factors wn/(s + wn) are marked by pink "x" and entered with tf check boxes. This is equivalent to the more familiar 1/(Ts + 1) with T = 1/wn

Lead factors (s + wn)/wn are marked by cyan "o" and entered with ff check boxes.

Quadratic Lag factors wn2/ (s2 + 2 zwns + wn2 ) are marked by magenta "x" and entered with tt check boxes.

Quadratic Lead factors (s2 + 2 zwns + wn2 )/wn2 are marked by blue "o" and entered with ft check boxes.

wn (1E-2 to 1E3) is set by the horizontal coordinate of the mouse click and z by the vertical coordinate(0 to 1).
Kain K is set by clicking on the horizontal magenta bar.
When the applet stops responding, the page must be reloaded to restart.

Gif images below shows how applets should appear.
Image above has lag factor at 0.1rad/s, quadratic lag factors at 10rad/s, z = 0.2, and 100rad/s, z = 0.9 and K = 25.0.
Image above has lag factors at 0.03 and 0.06rad/s, quadratic lag factors at 100rad/s, z = 0.8, lead factor at 0.4rad/s, quadratic lead factor at 10rad/s, z = 0.2.
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